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Premium Domain Names. List of U.S.A. Manufacturers The most valuable domain names are commericial, short, one word, spelled one way,and unhyphenated.Products Manufactured in the United States of America

WRITE with OFFER to BUY in $U.S. Dollars:

Updated January 2020
Three letter, one word, descriptive, short and commercial .coms are very valuable.

1.) No offer below $20,000.00 USD PER NAME will be considered nor will offers for less receive a reply.
- short, commercial and/or one word or descriptive domain names may be worth much more.
- all names are Premium Domain Names and TLD

2.) Actual DOMAIN NAME of interest must be in the SUBJECT line

3.) Questions such as "how much do you want" will not receive a reply.
- we have received thousands of such inquiries. All were ignored.

4.) We will NOT click on links to see offers:
- the U.S. dollar amount MUST stated in the text of the email.
Transfer and escrow fees, etc., will be paid by the purchaser.

5.) Phone calls will NOT be accepted

6.) Offers must include valid and verifiable name, address and phone of offer maker.

7.) Sorry, no statistics or tracker records will be revealed.
- Advertisment rates are at our discretion, not based on traffic.

8.) These conditions may change at any time at the sole discretion of the Registrant

9.) There is no guarantee a name leading here is for sale, rent or is available.
Thank you.

Follow our directions for best results.

Proverbs 20:14-15(AMP):
"It is worthless, it is worthless! says the buyer; but when he goes his way, then he boasts (about his bargain)."
Domain Name Information
Why pay for a domain name appraisal? All you need to know is:
the best domain names are short, two or three letter, memorable, and/or commercial!
Please be sure not to commit trademark infringement when registering or purchasing a domain name.

The registrant of any domain name asks that you obey all steps listed above.
Nor will the administrators of aciremA® respond to inquiries.

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