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The webmaster of, June 9, 2014

Welcome. My name is Marion, and I am the webmaster and founder of

FALL 2022
We listened to Joe Biden's speech last night, where, in our opinion, he attacked any GOP supporters. He insinuated that, should the Republican candidates lose, they will not accept the results. Well, you can't know you lose unless you KNOW all the votes are valid, and not duplicates.
Luzerne County, PA - just been discovered that over 900 voters - that we know of - got DUPLICATE MAIL-IN BALLOTS.
That's quite worrisome. Imagine how this may be happening all over America. Mail in ballots - NO GOOD>
There should be VOTER ID, and same day voting ONLY with paper ballots - except where people will be out of the area OR too ill to vote, etc.,
We need to SAVE America from the inept administration and FAR LEFT madness, through the roof crime rates, sky high inflation, weakened military, fentanyl flowing through open borders - and killing our young people, and murder rates, inflation....

Inflation continues to climb. Gasoline UP to $5.00 gallon. Utilities up in the double digits - killing American families. Illegals die trying to cross our borders - ILLEGALLY - because the Biden Administration offers incentives that even Americans don't get! Free everything. over 50, including children, DEAD thru suffocation in a tractor trailer in Texas.

Joe Biden continues to run and hide from the questions. His popularity is at an all time low. He's not running this country, and we all know it.
Who is it? Obama via Susan Rice? Many think so. Many believe this is Obama's Third Term. All his wishes are coming true.

MEANWHILE: we have the January 6ht committee, consisting of all Trump haters, doing their best to destroy President Donald J. Trump. The latest? The story of Cassidy Hutchinson, who only served under President Trump briefly, claiming that on January 6th President Trump lunged at a Secret Serviceman and tried to take the wheel to get to the Capitol - a story that TWO Serret Servicemen say is NOT TRUE. BUT the committee, headed by RINOS such as Liz Cheney, have not allowed / called these Secret Service members to testify that what Cassidy Hutchinson is saying is not accurate.

April 2022
Inflation: over 8% per month. Senior Citizens on Social Security got 5% and were supposed to be grateful? 8.5% unemployment largely due to excessive payouts for unemployment. Biden dipping into our oil reserves built up by President Trump. Inflation highest in 40 years!!! Crime rates through the roof. America, WAKE UP. The Democrat chosen .....ahem.....president is a FAILURE, and the world is laughing.

March 2022
Joe Biden's State of the Union encouraged Buy American, a concept he stole from President Donald J. Trump.

So why did Joe Biden buy all the COVID19 tests come from CHINA?

Yes. And why is he buying 600,000 barrels of oil daily from Russia? As we all know, Ukraine has been invaded by Vladimir Putin and he has sent an assassination team from Africa to murder Ukraine's young father and husband, President zelensky. Furthermore, Russia has used illegal, by Geneva agreement, weapons of mass destruction. And masses of innocent Ukranians have died. Instead of stopping the pipelines here, we are buying oil from a man practicing genocide on the Ukranian people.

January - February 2022
Please note: any tee shirt that does not come from this website is NOT authentic!
Our tees are 100% American made and we have a registered USPTO trademar,.
We wish you a happy, healthy and prosperous 2022!
Prosident Trump's Rally in Arizona: we were watching and are hopeful!
Thank you for stopping by - Marion aciremA and

December 2021
Merry Christmas from my family to yours.
Please BUY AMERICAN / USA MADE GIFTS for 2021 and every year.
And pray to Jesus Christ Our Lord and Savior that we return to the America we all once knew.
President Trump strengthened us, and Biden is destroying America.

Marion Weiscarger Roughsedge art for Christmas and USA made products 2021.

Summer 2021 has a full month and a few odd weeks left. Stop lamenting the end of it, and get out there and ENJOY!!
We love to walk. There is a beautiful paved path around a lake less than 10 miles from our home, and we drive there and walit it almost daily.
We also love walking near our home - often for up to 2 hours or more at a time. What a great way to get to know your neighbors.
Last week I even ran into an old classmate, sitting on his stoop with his dog, that I hadn't seen since gradation day decades ago.
Enjoy life because every day is a gift.
Thank God for America, because this great country, now in danger due to poor leadership, is a gift.
See you soon.

JULY 2021
We hope you and your loved ones are celebrating the greatness of America this 4th of July. Please realize how fortunate / blessed you are to live in the greatest country in the world - the United States of America - and pray thanks to the one true God. I pray every night to Jesus that God continues to watch over this country and protect us from the enemies within as well as outside of our country.

These are sad and worrisome days in America. If you real and do research - not just watch the 95% mostly liberal news - you know what I mean. It's June now, and the man who claims to be President of the United States, Joseph Biden, is not doing the job we need done. President Donald J. Trump did all he could, working 21 hours a day, to keep America strong - and he succeeded Our economy was flying. Manufacturing was coming back to America. Unemployment was at an all time low. Then BOOM...

Joe Biden's son, Hunter - the recent, proven news about him, and his father, that the main stream media does not report....
Does that not worry you??

Joseph R. Biden is a professional politician (47 years in D.C. - a good example of why we NEED term limits) who appears to not only have cognitive problems, but who obviously is getting his orders from someone else. Take a guess who....a man who never left D.C. even though his time was up.
More and more, this appears to be Barack Obama's THIRD TERM.

If you disagree with the opinion expressed in the above paragraph (bear in mind I am a former Democrat who voted for both Hillary and Obama), please do more research, including to testimony from Capitol police who say they strongly believe this "Capitol riot" was pre-planned. And we believe the same. What better way to shut down President Trump's efforts to challenge the obviously compromised election?


At, we want to make 2021 better than ever for American manufacturers and jobs.
Please send up the names of your favorite manufacturers who make their products in the USA.
Thank you in advance.

At least half of American citizens believe the 2020 Presidential Election was fraught with voter fraud and rigged machines.
There should have been a Supreme Court hearing, and a revote with Voter ID - that ONLY way we could know the truth.
President Donald J. Trump

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The webmaster holds a B.A. in Sociology from King's College.
She has taken additional college courses in writing and painting.
Work experience includes mental health worker in a hospital setting.
For eight years she worked as a fashion buyer and store management.
Marion is married to an entertainer, the mother of two and grandmother of two.
The webmater* and her family live in the ancestral home, a Victorian built in 1896.
Motherhood has been her most fulfilling profession, and she is a self-taught webmaster.

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